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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic practices provide pain relief and correct the alignment of the skeletal structure of the body without medications or surgery, using the doctor's hands. Our services are effective in the treatment of back problems, neck problems, ear infections, sinus problems, acid reflux, and more.The alignment of your spine and skeletal system affects all areas of your health and wellness. Chiropractic services are safe and effective for people of all ages from birth on; it is wonderful for athletes, average folks, children, and the elderly. Our office specializes in sports injuries, motor vehicle collision injuries, and back surgery patients.

Consultation & Pricing

Your initial appointment begins with talking about your overall health, an evaluation of your pain points, your spine, and even includes measuring of the legs to see if any alignment issues are present in the pelvis. If X-Rays are indicated, they can be provided in-house at the time of your evaluation. You will receive an adjustment during your initial appointment. Our office accepts most major insurances, and we will call to verify your benefits for you. We do not accept CIGNA Insurance.The cash price of an initial appointment WITH X-Rays is $160. Any further adjustments are $50.